Thursday, July 31, 2014

Satay Chicken salad

Been a while since my last post. However, now that I am unemployed and a small cushion of savings away from homelessness...I feel the urge to tell you about an awesome chicken salad I have invented. Because I am just that odd.
Now here is a disclaimer. I have never measured these ingredients. I cook by eye and tasting. I suggest you try the same. Even If you have to sacrifice one meal cuz it tastes like a dead gerbil after it's bloated by the afternoon sun. Teaching yourself to eyeball ingredients and tasting your way through things gives you skills that prop up your instincts

Satay Chicken Salad

-4 cups of chopped or torn cooked chicken. Whatever parts you like
-3 or 4 ribs of celery
1 handful of shredded carrots
-small bunch of cilantro minced
-1/2 of chopped roasted peanuts or cashew...or more depending on your taste

Satay Base
-1/4 c. minced ginger
-1/8 c. minced garlic
-1/4.c minced green onions
-2 T corn or peanut oil
-1/4 c. plum or peach jam
-2 T chili garlic sauce
-1/4 c rice wine vinegar
-pinch of chili flakes
-2 T brown sugar
-2T. sesame oil
-2 T of creamy peanut butter or 1/4 c. of tahini
-1 c. water
-2 T cornstarch or more

-as much mayo as it takes to get your chicken salad to stick together well

In a large bowl add the chicken through the peanuts and refrigerate.
in a medium pot add the corn or peanut oil and heat on medium.
Add green onions, garlic and ginger. heat til fragrant. Be careful not to burn the garlic.
Add the ingredients from jam to peanut butter and mix well.
Taste this concentrated mixture and adjust the flavors to your taste.
simmer on low and mix the water and cornstarch together.
add the cornstarch slurry until the sauce is a mayo consistency.
Taste again, adjust if needed and then cool.
Add the cooled sauce to the cooled chicken mixture and mix, add mayo if needed to get the right consistency.
Serve how you want.
My daughter ate through 3 servings of this salad not realizing we were supposed to share it, and my clients just went silly after they tried a sample.
So enjoy and give me feedback

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