Friday, January 17, 2014

Popping in to say I didn't forget about this lovely humble half assed blog of mine.

I have been lazy lately and haven't posted in a while. I have had several good recipes and plan to sing the praises of food that has been a success and product recommendations and attempt to make Martha Stewart look like a booger eating moron...... but that aint today folks. 
Had to take the day off work yesterday. I realized I missed going to work because I am doing what I love. Even though the pay is shit, I get to talk to clients and make inventive food. 
Just 2 weeks ago I challenged a picky eater to try my food, because she said it was weird. I asked her if she liked all the ingredients and she said yes, but thought they wouldn't taste good together. I told her to buy it and if she didn't like it, her safe food would be paid for by me next time. She reluctantly said ok. Today I saw her again, she said "omg Angela this is your weirdest special yet, I'll take one." HA!!!!! That was so cool. I got someone to try new things. But in fairness I divulged all the ingredients first and lost her at onions, but dammit she was willing to trust me, and that is why I love my crappy paying job. lol

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