Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I am the mom of two amazing children. Food has always brought us together and created special bonds. The kitchen has always been the touchstone for us, like so many others. I have always wanted to share my love of food and family. My twist is, that I want to share family traditional recipes and weird experimental crazy stuff I come up with when the box of macaroni and chili garlic sauce and can of tuna are arguing in the middle of the night and I have to shut them up by making something tasty out of them. So come and listen to my ass wonky ramblings about random things but most of all..I hope my love of food shines through and maybe I can pass on some recipes that will become kitchen memories for you and yours. One last thing, for the most part these are all original recipes. If I did use someone elses recipe I will give them credit and of course put my own touch on it to make it mine. Make sure to give me likes and page love and comment and share with friends and family. Bless you, now get your happy asses in the kitchen!!!

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